Ankara Rose

Ankara Rose (Kristen Sharp) is a dancer, choreographer, and instructor in a variety of world dance forms. A lifelong passion for movement and extensive study in a variety of both Eastern and Western dance styles have influenced her in developing her own signature stylization she calls “Celtic Fusion Belly Dance”: a unique and dynamic fusion of Irish Step, Scottish Highland, and Middle Eastern music and dance. Performing professionally since 2005, she has appeared on tour (as well as guest appearances) with various top Celtic and World music acts, in concerts, stage productions, and at large festivals. As an instructor and choreographer, she has taught Belly Dance, Folkloric (Russian/ Middle Eastern/ Mediterranean styles), and Celtic dance workshops and choreographed dances throughout the US & Canada.

A patient and caring instructor, she loves sharing the dance with others (especially teaching adults of all ages, body types, and who come from all backgrounds), and prides herself on maintaining a warm, supportive, positive and fun environment for them to feel comfortable in – while still seriously learning the dance at the same time. She pulls from her background in western dance styles in formatting her dance curriculum for maximum learning, whether the goals are dancing for recreation or to eventually go pro. She believes true artists are always students and still is an active student herself, studying under master instructors in her fields of interest and keeping up with current trends. It is her goal to share her passion and joy of dance with the world while continuing to further expand boundaries and banish negative stereotypes. As an artist who loves the theatrical stage, it is her mission to represent each cultural dance form presented as a respectable art, upholding traditions while expanding horizons. She also aims to further raise cultural awareness through her unique fusion of world dance forms; creating community and sharing the joy of dance with others – no matter what country you may hail from or what language you speak. For more information and to register for classes or workshops, please visit her website at: