Jen Hudziec

Jennifer has practiced Massage Therapy since 2000 and specializes in deep tissue & injury treatment. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology and studied Massage Therapy in Seattle, WA.  She studied esoteric spirituality with Christopher Penczak from 1995-1998, and received her Reiki I and II attunements at that time.  She completed her Doula (professional labor support person) training at the Seattle Midwifery School in 2002. In addition, Jennifer has participated in numerous intensives such as; The Priestess Path Women’s Mystery School, Women’s Shamanic Apprenticeship,  The Dagara Diviner’s Intensive, and Anatomy of the Quantum Healer. She is a Certified Firewalk Instructor. In July 2014 Jennifer received Q’ero Karpay rites and has participated in numerous online classes such as “Soulful Coaching” and “Answering the Call: Birthing your Fierce Feminine Life.”  Jennifer offers private and group sessions in Stoddard & Wilton, NH.

Ancient Ways, LLC
Jennifer Hudziec, BS,LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Firewalk Instructor